Happiest Day

Today is National Day
Since today is a public holiday
I decide to hang out with my college friends
First we went to Sunway's Sushi Zanmai to have our lunch..
I saw a girl work as a waitress at there look exactly like Lee Pui Yee ( my secondary classmate).
Walao.. really look the same except her sound
Luckily I didn't call her if not really paiseh sei me..

And then I bought something at Sunway..
A checkered shirt at Ruffey
A belt at don't know what shop(forgot the name)

And then we have our dinner at Yuen Steamboat Restaurant.
It's the famous steamboat restaurant at Subang
Walao.. we ate until so full..
And I first time saw people fight for those fried chicken =.=
So lame.. Just a normal honey fried chicken..
Chow and Kelvin also went to fight for it.. wahaha..
actually the taste of the chicken also not bad la..
but just feel very stupid to go and fight for it lo..
And that Johnny laughed like hell..
Laughed until full already.. haha

We really enjoyed the day..
The happiest day we had!!