Shopping day =D

Today went to Mid Valley with my friends..

I bought a few things there..

Bag, 2 clothes, 1 shoes and 1 legging..

I quite satisfied today cause everywhere got sale..

Haha.. I went to cotton on to bought 2 clothes and a shoes

The price was so cheap and it attracted my eyes

So I decided to buy them =D

happy happy..

Nowadays im quite in love with baby blue colour

The shoes that I bought was blue colour

and one of the clothes also blue in colour


After shopping,

we went to a restaurant to eat our dinner

This restaurant is quite special

It called Ninja Joe

at Gardens LG Floor

they supplied pork burger haha

never heard pork burger in M'sia before..

And the taste was quite tasty

can choose your own sauce to put into the burger.

hmm... yummy!!

but the worse thing is the burger quite small

this is the photo