Today hang out with my collegemates
We went to Mid Valley
shopping and watch movie.

We watched Kung Fu Panda
This movie can considered as the middle of nice and not nice
cause it had a lot of lame part
Only some parts are really funny

I didn't bought many things in Mid Valley
cause I wanna save money ^^
Save money to change my hair style during holidays

I only bought a vintage bag for myself
And then the other stuffs are my shooting materials
Finally I found all the materials I want
Happy =)

And also I like my new bag so muchie
cause I wanna find a vintage bag long time ago
but don't have one that attract me
until today
I accidentally saw it!
I love it so muchie from my first sight
And my hands were not willing to put it down
so that I decided to buy it
here's the photo of my new bag: