Branding Gallery in LUCT

Today our lecture is about design and environment.
Then our lecture brought us to visit around the branding gallery.
Here are some pictures..

I saw a cute milk bottle holder at there. It's student's work. How cute is that. ^^

And then another students work, sushi. ^^

Another milk bottle holder ^^ I like it..
Suddenly feel like doing one for myself haha

This is a project from architectural's student ^^ nice building design

I think this is from industrial design's student ^^
How cool is that

This is a car model. (mini size)
People said it's from two china student wow..

Below here are all the packaging that I think it's nice and awesome!
Actually I took lot of photos but I just upload those I like. ^^

Kinda awesome work they have!
I hope my work also will going to put at the gallery when I am graduate ^^