An Accident

This post is a very sad post for me!
I really get fucked up with it!

I got an accident with my friend when sitting on the taxi.
We were going back to hostel from Time Square.
Then we just called the taxi as usual.
The taxi driver charge us for a very expensive amount because of the traffic jam
and rain.
What a fucker is he!
His personality is damn bad!
Feel like wanna punch him!

And his driving skill is very very terrible!
He keep cutting the line of those cars
and drive so damn fast when it was jam on the road!

The accident begin with:
A car (gen2) was stopped beside the road because of the car spoiled.
And then our taxi driver was still driving very fast.
Until he noticed that the car was stopped he press the break immediately
BUT it's too late..
Taxi got bang with the Gen2.
And all of us that sit at the back were bang to the sit cushion but very painful
And my friend's head was bleeding.
One of my friend that sat in front of the taxi seats is the most pityful
Because he cant even move his neck.
And he cant breath fluently too..

All of us were injured and then the taxi find us another taxi
but he asked us to pay for the taxi's fees.
WTF!! he didn't want to put responsibility on this accident!
So fucking dulan him!
And then my friend straight away scold him
wtf we need to pay for the fees..
is your false you must pay for us!

Then finally he find another taxi and pay for us..
We went to the hospital to do check up!
All of us just some parts were swollen and bleed a bit.
Me- my head, leg and chin were swollen only..
no bleeding at all.. but very painful!

but the guy who sit in front was very serious
he need to admitted to the hospital to do the whole body check up.
hope he will be nothing.

I am phobia to taxi now!
I hate taxi!