Today is Deepavali Eve..
My noobie and I decided to hang out today..
And we were so lucky because Jogoya got Deepavali Eve's promotion..
Then we decided to have our lunch at there..
We never been there before so this is the first time we try..
The first feeling when we went in is WOW SO NICE!
Jogoya has a good and comfortable environment..
It's big enough and the most important is the food are so fresh.. 
Various of food for us to choose.. 
It's very worth!
I felt so happy today haha..
Because finally I can have lunch at Jogoya!!

We took a lot of food! Yummy!!

Raw seafood

Dim Sum

Sushi and Kimchi

Fried food


This is the ground floor of Starhill..
I like the lighting very muchie..

Noobie noobie