Yam Cha Session

I went to yam cha with my best friends at De Garden Wong Kok
to have a mini farewell with Yen Yen
Cause she gonna go to kl and study soon
But we still can meet in kl one
And I never met Winnie for a long time
She become pretty and prettier
I seldom free to meet them
So happy today I got time to join them
Will miss them a lot.. =)

It's the last day of 2010..
And my best friend Kah Yi just came back from KL.
I have half year never meet with her already
Then we planned to meet at Yeolde Cafe..
We just drink something and keep talking non-stop
Haha.. happy^^
Next time we sure got a lot of time to meet together
Wait I back KL I sure will go to Cyberia and find you..