Ma B'day - Earlier celebration

I celebrate my birthday earlier
cause during the exact date I need to go to campus
busy about assignment things

Today I went to pavilion with my collegemates
to celebrate my birthday at Manhattan Fish Market

and then after finished the meal
suddenly I heard somebody singing birthday song
haha.. it's surprise for me
and they are cupcakes.
They are so cute!
I like cupcakes very muchie..
And I didn't have cupcakes to be my birthday cake before
cause most of the cupcakes are more expensive than normal cake
Thanks to all my friends that celebrate with me
I am so surprise and happy today

My birthday stupid look haha

My cupcakes from my collegemates

My 2 pretty friends

I love all of u..
Thanks for the meal and cupcakes

June 23rd - hang out with my buddies

Today I hang out with Cheryl, Yen and Hann
Cause Cheryl came to kl and shopping
so we plan to meet at Midvalley

Early in the morning
I go to Midvalley by bus
I felt a little bit tired
because the day before hang out with them
I was doing assignment until midnight
but never mind
I won't ffk haha
I think this is the first time we hang out in kl
cause I and yen stay too far away
and don't have time to meet each other
same to Hann also
Hann always ffk
he is a aeroplane king!

I miss u all so much..
Wait me, I will back Ipoh next thursday or friday ^^