Learn something ...

Just now i had met a guy on the bus while on the way to campus.
For my first impression, I thought that guy is an abnormal guy because of his look.

Seems like I am so despise him.
I feel so sorry to him.

At first he asked me where am I from..
and then asked me when I took my SPM..
And then he start to mention about his stuff
Actually he finished his SPM on 2005 but a very serious accident happened after 10days of SPM. And he got 9As in his SPM.. I am so envy him.
Then he need to delay all those things he planned.
I think because of the accident, he became like very abnormal person's look but his personality is very good and nice.
Even his mind is cleverer than anyone of us.
I'm so pity about his experience..
Hope people don't ignore him because of his look.