End of the world soon~

nowadays a lot of disaster happened on our lovely earth

Japan got earthquakes
A very serious earthquake
A lot of people died during that
*pray for those people*

So do you believe that's the world gonna end soon?
2012 is coming soon?

I know a lot of people will not believe it
they think that is just a joke
and never care about it

But I believe it!!
They said 21.12.2012 is the end of the world
I don't know whether it is a exact date or what
but i believe that will happen!

I can't think about what will happen on me
on that day
maybe i will lost or die
maybe i got save?!
it's a very unexpected matter

but if i got save
is it the world will be start again like the movie "2012"?
if it happen then I will be start my career on 2013
but then I think the economy will be very bad
I don't know whether I can get my job or not
A lot of things to worry

So people please love our earth
Recycle all the time
The simplest thing is use eco bag when buying things
Don't let our earth cry